Other Services:
  1. Polishing (stainless steel parts, brass parts, copper parts, aluminum and more) Welding (holes, tears, broken joints)
  2. Lengthening / shortening of moldings and irregular or poorly fitting parts
  3. Custom Auto Parts Mfg. / End caps added to any style or angle.
  4. 57’ Cadillac hubcap fins custom made individually.
  5. Windshield molding connector pieces made to order, any style. Hubcaps with: curb-rash, gouges, dents, scratches, caved in and run over – all returned to perfect show room quality.
  6. Misc. Services: Removal of monograms on antique silver sets Removing dents, polishing pewter / silver / antique metal collectable sets of all kinds
  7. Straightening and polishing just about anything your Great Grandmother left you in her will!

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